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EasyCGI´s Advanced plan is the perfect choice for Web Sites that require web hosting with substantial Web space and bandwidth. All common scripting and database platforms are fully support. A terrific plan for most Web Sites!

All web hosting accounts include:

Windows 2003 Hosting Environment


Script Library

99.9+% Uptime

Full Featured Control Panel

24x7 Phone & Email Support.

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Getting Traffic

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Hosting Easy Explains the basics

Do you need a website domain name?          www.nameofmysite.com
If you own a business or plan to do business online with a website, you will want to purchase and use a domain name. A domain name is also referred to as a URL or URI.  If you are in business on the web you will need an easily identifiable domain name that you can take with you from one host to the next as your web hosting needs change. You should use a .com extension for your domain name suffix if you are a commercial business. If you are a charity or non profit organization you should use a .org extension. Domain names are relatively cheap to purchase and own at an average of $12 a year (some companies charge more or less). Having your own business or personal web site address might have other advantages later on as the ability to get your favorite name decreases.
To check prices and availability for your domain name or website address click here

Before we move on to website hosting  services and website building software, lets take a quick look at how the World Wide Web or internet works. The internet or World Wide Web is the second most popular part of the Internet. Email is by far the most popular and  recognized and used feature of the Internet. All Internet traffic flows through service lines and is made possible by a never ending worldwide network of advanced computers called servers.
Individual Websites consist of what is called root files or folders just like the folders and documents on your computer hard drive. Some of the basic file extensions for a website document is .htm or .html (hyper text markup or hyper text markup language). Other advanced extensions are .asp, .cfm, .jsp, etc.  Either of these extensions identifies your file as a web document. When you click on a web link or hyperlink (also known as a URL or Uniform Resource Locator) in a web page or email document, your computer sends a message through your ISP (internet service provider) to ‘lookup’ the IP (Internet Protocol) number of that URL or website address hidden in the code behind whatever you just clicked on.
All web addresses are assigned IP numbers by the website host (where the pages are parked or stored on a server).  The URL request first travels to a DNS server (Domain Name Server), which has a list of the domain names of every website in the world and their corresponding individual IP numbers. The DNS server forwards the request to the actual physical location of our web server (where your www.nameofmysite.com is located). After the request arrives at the web server for that particular website the extended parts of the URL tells the web server the exact path to that file. Then it is read by your browser, internet explorer, firefox,  opera etc, and then presented to you for easy viewing.

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In this roundup:

Firefox In the space of a roughly a year, Firefox has gone from relative obscurity to being the second most popular browser in the world. And the recent 1.5 update makes the nimble browser even better. Firefox is slim but full-featured, and a lot of the features in IE7 clearly take their cues from the open-source browser.

Internet Explorer We're guessing you're probably familiar already with the world's most popular Web browser. Love it or hate it, IE commands somewhere around 80 percent of the market. IE6 is becoming quite long in the tooth, however, and lacks some of the convenient features included in the other browsers.

Search Marketing Basics of getting website visitors

Hosting Easy helps you get the most out of your advertising investment with Sponsored Search. Benefits of sponsored search include:
Expert recommendation: A Sponsored Search specialist reviews your site and makes recommendations based on your budget and traffic objectives.
Full control: Ability to submit specific terms, budget considerations and site focus areas when creating your personalized proposal.
Professionally Written Listings: With your recommendations in mind, we select search terms, write titles and descriptions and recommend bid amounts.
Customized Reports: Your proposal includes search listings that are highly customized, persuasive and meet the Sponsored Search relevancy guidelines.
Fast Turnaround: Setup a customized marketing campaign in lees than 20 minutes on your own or with assistance in a few days.
Free Addition of Tracking URLs: The tracking URLs will enable you to see source of traffic by keyword coming from Sponsored Search.   Yahoo! Sponsored Search lists your business on top sites like Yahoo!, AltaVista and CNN.

Colocation facilities: which provide just the Internet connection and climate control, but let the client do his own system administration; the most expensive

Dedicated hosting service: dedicated server, or managed hosting Internet hosting where the client leases an entire server not shared. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as clients have full control over the servers, operating system, hardware, etc.

Reseller hosting:
Typically, resellers are web consultants, web designers, web developers, or system integration company who resell web hosting services to complement their other range of services.

Hosting Easy Web startup hosting and marketing basics