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Hosting Easy Web Startup Basics for the beginnerHosting Easy Web Services Hosting Easy.

Search Marketing Basics of getting website visitors
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Search for your Domain Name $1.99 Domain Names

Hosting Easy Discount Domain NamesDomain Name Search Tips You should use a .com extension for your domain name suffix if you are a commercial business. If you are a charity or non profit organization you should use a .org extension. Domain names are relatively cheap to purchase and own at an average of $12 a year. Having your own business or personal web site address now might have other advantages later on as the ability to get your favorite name decreases.

Hosting Your Domain Name

Hosting Easy Explains what Hosting a Domain Name Means to the novice webmasterHosting means where your web files are stored just as you have files stored on your computer you will need storage space on a server for your website files or web pages. This is called Hosting because the web server acts as a friendly host and will receive the files that you store on it.

These file that you store on the server will also be know as your website pages, one of which will be your home or index page and all of the other pages will be sub pages for different topics or services that you want to be displayed. Check low cost hosting options Hosting Easy Low Cost Hosting Options. Dedicated hosting service: dedicated server, or managed hosting Internet hosting where the client leases an entire server not shared. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as clients have full control over the servers, operating system, hardware, etc.

Website Design Mission Critical at this point

Hosting Easy explains the website page design and layout process for beginnersCongratulations! Now you have found a catchy domain name and you have paid for a web hosting account, but now what?. The design and layout is by far the most critical step in this process. If you just throw up a cheesy web page it may have a negative reflection of you and or your business. Clients will base their decision to buy from you or call you based on the look and feel of your website. This is where the money spent is worth every dollar. Purchasing your domain name and web hosting account was really inexpensive. Purchasing a quality based appealing web design could cost you from $45.00 to $3,000.00 depending upon the complexity. Hosting easy recommends starting small and upgrade as your budget permits. If you need a custom design email us at and we will find you a cost effective design. You could setup a Website Account and be online in an hour.

Website Design

Hosting Easy will help you develop an online strategy including domain name, hosting options, design and search engine marketing.

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